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Best Bang
Rexing v1p max dash cameras


V1P Max

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Major Takeaway
Whether you think it's dashcam or dash cam, the V1P Max is the Best bang. This a dual camera system boasting Night Vision, 170° Angle Lens, a Loop Recording mode, and Parking Monitor for security while you're away.

° Record front camera in 4k, and rear in 2k simultaneously
° Enhanced night vision with f1.6 glass lens
° Accident Auto Detection
° Mobile App to view & manage recordings

° Front & Rear Cameras only
Rexing S1 Pro product photo


S1 Pro

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Major Takeaway
Best value dash cam especially for Uber/Lyft drivers (or any who needs cabin recording) because of it's Sony Sensor which uses Infrared light facing the vehicle occupants. Capture clear video even in darkness.

° Front, inside cabin, and rear cameras record simultaneously
° Great in low light conditions
° 24/7 time-lapse video
° Mobile App to view & manage recordings

° All three cameras are 1080p, not 4K
Rexing v2 pro dash camera cameras


V2 pro AI

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Major Takeaway
Best overall dash camera system. The V2 Pro AI has a front, cabin, and rear camera. It utilizes Artificial Intelligent Dash Cam technology to detect potential hazards like people, lane drifting and more.

° Record front, inside cabin, and rear cameras in 1080p Full HD at 30fps
° AI Technology for hazard detection
° Front Lenses swivel 330 degrees so you can have two frontward cameras
° Mobile App to view & manage recordings
° All three cameras are 1080p, not 4K
Rexing S1 product photo



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Major Takeaway
Best budget dash camera. You get three cameras while staying on-budget; each shoots 1080p. Captures with Infrared Night Vision in low light.

° Budget-friendly
° Excellent in low/no light conditions
° 24 hour Parking Monitor
° Mobile App to view & manage recordings

° All three cameras are 1080p, not 4K
° No GPS Logger Support
Rexing V5C product photo



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Major Takeaway
The Rexing V5C deserves an honorable mention for it's 4k front-facing camera. This model includes Parking Monitor for security while you're away. You always have the option to add an additional rear camera later.

° Forward camera records in 4k, inside cabin is 1080p, and rear camera simultaneously in 1080p
° GPS track & record your driving location
° Mobile App to view & manage recordings
° Voice Control

° Front & Interior Cabin Cameras only


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By the TopRecs Team
June 11, 2022

Buying Guide for

Best DashCam for Your Car

You most likely already have your reasons for why you want to buy a dash camera for your car. Now you want to know which camera you should go with. There are countless brands out there to consider. We've looked at an incredible amount and arrived at a conclusion. We believe you should go with one of the five models we've selected — all are made by Rexing.

The camera was rolling.

Why Buy a Rexing Dash Camera?

  1. Rexing is an American startup
    • They're from Connecticut with Headquarters in New York.
  2. Reliability and longevity of all products
    • Rexing places reliability and longevity as a core value.
  3. Their friendly return policy with a US-based support team
    • You have a max of 60 days to make returns.
  4. They have between 12 & 18 month warranties
    • Covers product malfunctions, but not physical or liquid damage. Meaning, if it's their fault, they'll fix it. If you drive into a lake, that's on you.
  5. Highly reviewed by Amazon customers
    • Hundreds and hundreds of top reviews consistently across their product lines

Buying Considerations for the Best Dash Camera

Given that there are numerous brands, types, and models of dash cameras available today, you should determine what you need depending on the reason for buying. 

Here are essential questions to ask yourself: 

  • Do you need two cameras or three? 

This could be two exterior cameras, one forward-facing and one rear-mounted. Or it could be one forward and one interior looking at the cabin. Maybe you want three cameras and two of them should face forward while one is rear-mounted. Consider your requirements and look for the terms "dual channel" versus "3-channel".

  • What features do you want? 

Do you want Infrared Night Vision? Do you want AI Technology to assist you with alerts when it detects a hazard? GPS tracking? Consider how you plan to use you system and what you prioritize.

  • Does camera resolution matter to you? 

1080p is a bare minimum for the camera's we've chosen to recommend. We also feature 4k options. Consider this, 4k adds value when zooming in on footage.

Other considerations

Also, consider: 

  • You can always buy a two camera system and pair it with a third camera later
  • Memory capacity of the system

5 Best Dash Cameras Reviewed

Having looked at the top buying considerations, here are five dash cams that check most boxes:

Rexing V2 PRO AI - Best Overall

The key thing that separates this dash camera system from all the others we are recommending is simple. It's the Artificial Intelligence. You can improve your driving experience by spotting potential hazards early. The AI doesn't blink or get distracted by singing its favorite song. Beyond early warnings like Lane Departure, the V2 Pro can handle a memory card up to 256GB. You can automatically switch the dash camera to Parking Surveillance Mode so that when it detects vibrations or motion the camera will instantly start recording.

Take a second look at the above image if you didn't notice the truck flipped on its side.

Rexing V1P Max – Best Bang

It's the 4k (3840 x 2160p) front camera plus a 2K (2560p x 1440p)rear camera that records in that makes the V1P Max the best bang. But there's more. Let's say out picking up groceries and someone tries breaking into your car. With the Parking Monitor technology the dash camera will automatically turn on and record a 20-second video when the car camera detects vibration.

Rexing S1 Pro – Best Value

You are getting so much for the price point. A complete package front camera, inside cabin camera, and rear camera all that shoot 1080p Full HD. It also has a High Speed 64GB Memory built-in. Plus you get the Night Vision Technology which provides clearer footage and images when recording in very low light conditions. The interior cabin camera is fitted with four Infrared lights facing the vehicle occupants. Now you can accurately capture the whole car interior even when completely dark.

Rexing S1 – Best Budget

The S1 comes complete with three cameras for front, rear and interior video capture in 1080p Full HD. You can't bet it's price. While the S1 Pro has a built in 64GB memory, the S1 supports up to one 256GB MicroSD card. 

Rexing V5C – Honorable Mention

The V5C has a higher point because it provides a superior 4K (3840 x 2160) @30fps resolution for the front camera and a 1080p interior cabin facing camera with an adjustable lens. It has built in GPS logging and Voice Control for your photo/video taking tasks and more.

Choosing the Best Dash Cam

Any of the Rexing dash cams are great options but which is the best dash cam for you? Decide if you need 2 cameras or 3. Decide if you want features like GPS logging, voice control, 1080p or 4k resolution, or parking monitor technology. If you want the best dash cam overall, go with the Rexing V2 Pro AI. If you want to save money while still getting a great value, go with either the Rexing S1 Pro or the Rexing S1 — the S1 comes at a lower price point than the S1 Pro.

Closing Thought

You can't go wrong with any of these options. The 1080p minimum resolution requirement to make this list means footage will be up to par and better.

Our Top Recs

Best Bang for the Buck

Rexing V1P Max

Bottom Line
Great 2 camera system. Bang for the buck. 1080p capture on both cameras. Comes with the App. Has Parking Monitor. Detects and record crashes.
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Best Value

Rexing S1 Pro

Bottom Line
Three cameras all with 1080p.Interior camera uses Infrared light to caputre video in darkness. High Speed 64GB Memory lasts 10 times longer than a regular Micro SD card’s lifespan.
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Best Overall

Rexing V2 PRO AI

Bottom Line
Three cameras all in 1080p Full HD plus Artficial Intelligence to warn you of hazards like bikes darting infront of you or when you're deviating from your lane.
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Best Budget

Rexing S1

Bottom Line
The S1 is a three camera system for a bargin. All cameras are 1080p Full HD. You get Infrared Night Vision and Parking Monitor plus Accident Auto Detection.
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