June 13, 2022

Dash Cam for Car

Having a dash camera in your car has so many benefits. Add a rear-facing camera and have near 360 coverage instantly.

Real Dashcam Footage

The roads are a crazy place and so is the internet. It's pretty easy to find footage of wild things going down on the highways of America. Here's just a glimpse.
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360 Dash Cam

Get a 360° View from Dash Camera Setup

Using more than one camera will provide with near 360° of coverage depending on the setup you choose.

battery powered dash cam

Make sure you select a camera system that taps into your car's 12-volt battery power so that you don't lose video coverage when you need it most.
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Car Cameras with Night Vision

Yes! Night Vision enables you to see clearly at night and record high-quality video in low light conditions. You can get a better understanding of the road and what is happening around you.

Dash cams have been on the market for years now, but they’ve never been as popular as they are today. With this technology, drivers can have peace of mind knowing that their car is being recorded while they drive. Dash cams also offer a great way to protect yourself in case of break-ins and theft.

Best front and rear dash cam with night vision

The night vision feature is the most popular among all the benefits of a car camera. It is not only an essential factor for those who drive in the night but also for those who often travel in remote areas. We believe the Rexing V2 Pro AI offers the best night vision on the market.

Night vision is a technology that allows us to see things at night more clearly. It uses infrared light to help us see better in the dark.

Think of a Dashcam as your Car DVR

A good camera system records what is happening in front of you and behind while you are driving. Think of the recording as a DVR. You can have it record all the time or on-command. 

Dual dash cams are more useful than regular dash cams because they can capture both sides of traffic, while a single dash cam only captures what is in front of the vehicle.

Dashcam Amazon

Amazon is an overwhelming place to search for the right dashcam. See how we've refined our top five best dashcam recommendations.
car accident seen with a dashcamera
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