June 13, 2022

How To Build A Home Gym

Building a home gym is exciting. There are many questions to consider and a variety of approaches you can take. This article is designed to provide you with all the resources you need to build a well-tuned fitness center in your home.
The First Question to Answer is

What Does A Home Gym Need


If you don't first have the room to move around then won't be continually motivated to use you home gym. 8 feet by 8 feet of wide open space is an absolute minimum for an ideal starting place for your gym.

Proper Storage

Storage is easy to overlook. If you're going to build a quality home gym then you should be considering things like the best racks and wall mounts. 

Best Fitness Products

This is what will keep you in the game in more ways than one. Having the right equipment will help you build physical strength while also developing positive feedback loops that benefit your mind.

Whole Body Exercise Equipment

The right Whole Body Exercise Equipment not only helps keep your body functioning well, it can help you maintain a healthy weight, improve your cardiovascular health, improve your mood and increase your overall sense of well-being.
Here is what TopRec considers to be

Must Have Equipment for Home Gym

There are a myriad of reasons why a full body exercise system is better for your overall health and development. We're going to go through some ideas to help you arrive at the right conclusions for how to build you home gym.

Having the right gym equipment doesn't mean you need a machine

The best way to tone your body and lose weight is not by investing in expensive gym machine, but by getting moving. Any activity is better than none, so start by finding something you enjoy and gradually add more challenging activities to your routine. If you have weights or machines at home, that's great, but you can also get a good workout without any equipment at all. Just be creative!

Use Equipment that Encourages Transverse Plane Movements

The transverse plane is essentially the plane that runs perpendicular to the long axis of the body. Movement in the transverse plane is important for overall body health, and equipment that encourages movement in this plane is ideal.

Exercise that utilize the transverse plane movements help improve our balance and coordination. Additionally, they help us become more flexible, which is important because we need to be able to move our bodies in all directions without restriction if we want to live a long, healthy life. Moreover, doing these types of exercises can also help improve our posture. Even without adding weight, they help us become stronger overall. Loading weight and doing transverse plane movements is an incredible path to growing strength and developing conditioning.

If you are looking for a piece of equipment that will help you to incorporate transverse plane movements into your routine, consider using a kettlebell.
kettlebell on a rack
So many people ask

What Machine Burns the Most Calories

Running is known as the exercise that burns the most calories so it is fair to say that the treadmill will yield a similar result. But we don't believe that owning a treadmill is a requirement to building a great home gym. 

We highly recommend bodyweight exercises, full-body movement and Transverse plane movements.

You Don't Need a Machine to Burn the Most Calories

Bodyweight exercises are a great way to get in shape and burn calories without having to go to the gym. In fact, research shows that you can burn just as many calories with bodyweight exercises as you can with traditional weightlifting machines.

Some of the best bodyweight exercises include pushups, lunges, squats, and sit-ups. These exercises work all of the major muscles in your body, helping you to tone up and lose weight. 

Try loading small amounts of weight around 15% or less of your body weight and doing exercises like core hammer swings, or using a kettlebell and doing a snatch. 

Can you sustain 60 seconds of that movement? What about 90 seconds? Can you do intervals of 90 seconds on followed by a 30 second break and then another 90 seconds on? How many times can you repeats that? 

Now apply that concept to the battle rope. To jumping rope. To throwing a slam ball. These types of transverse plane movements are highly beneficial.
man in red shirt using the battle rope for exercise

What Exercises Burn the Most Calories

Running is burns the most calories burned per hour. HIIT, or high intensity intercal training is also an increbily effective means to burning calories. 

Add so weight load in there and you can burn calores, tone and build muscle. Try 30 seconds of jump squats holding 10% of your body weight in a kettlebell between your legs with two hands. Take a 30 second break do another 30 seconds of jump squats. Keep the processing going between 3 to five minutes. 

Only load weight when you're ready. Body weight alone along with Transverse plane movements in a HIIT pattern is a great way to burn calories fast.
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